A Comic By Any Other Name....

I am starting to see pages from Rapid City book I.This is pretty exciting to me. Those pages I originally wrote more than 2 years ago are becoming a reality.

I have been talking about the titles that I will be using for the book itself and for the individual chapters within it. Having some title overload. The series is called Rapid City. I call it Kinetic to differentiate it from the other Rapid City stories I have written, like B-Sides. I have referred to Kinetic's lager story arc as The Laws of Motion. Within that, each book, or smaller arc has its own related title. The first book, for example will likely be called Objects at Rest. Though, I have also been thinking about the slightly more dynamic Potential Energy. And then within each book, each individual chapter/issue will have its own title.

It's confusing now, but it will all be sorted out by press time.