Red Devil and Kid Diablo, and The Crimson Ghost

In the back of Rapid City issue #11, there is an ad for Tony Doug Wright's "Red Devil". At the time that it was placed, it was "coming soon". Well, it is out now and I just read it at Champion City Comics. I love it. Normally a super-spy action comic is not a 100% win for me, but this one won me over with the format. It is stripped into rows of panels, laid out exactly as though it were a newspaper comic. What a cool idea!

Go read it!

Also, a few issue ago I created a villain for Rapid City called "The Red Ghost". It worked perfectly because I remembered that the face from the Misfits shirts was from an old silent movie called "The Red Ghost". Perfect!

But then I remembered that Marvel had a villain with the same name. And there was some power overlap with the two. So I couldn't use it. Well, I could, but I didn't want to. I switched the name to Red Devil. Not as good, but it works.

So, when Tony showed me the ad for HIS Red Devil, it seemed like a sign. I had to use that ad.

And here's the final twist. As I was writing this just now I went looking for images of the guy from those Misfits shirts and found this....

...and it turns out that movie is called "The Crimson Ghost". CRIMSON.

That is even better!

Now my character is back to being a ghost, not a devil, and he has gone from red to crimson.