Issue #28

The script for the 28th issue of my supervillain drama Rapid City has just been posted. Read the full script here.

Panel 1. Later that night, Icicle walks along the side of concrete bridge where a main road is crossing a set of railroad tracks. She is carrying the gym bag. Her clothes are in rough shape after running through the brush.

Caption: The cold never bothers me. But hunger does. Exhaustion does.

Caption: Cars just pass me by.

Panel 2. We can see a hint of the bridge she was crossing in the background. In the foreground, she is hunkered down behind a long-unused set of newspaper boxes. She is sliding a few bills out of the cop's wallet that she took. The way it is flopped open, we can see the cop's badge.

Caption: Twenty six bucks. That's it.

Panel 3. Icicle is caught in the lights of a passing car, she raises her arm to shield her face. We can see rips and smears of dirt on her sleeve.

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