Issue 29

The script for the 29th issue of my supervillain drama Rapid City has just been posted. Read the full script here.

Page 14 The truth. 7 panels

Panel 1. Icicle leaning forward to speak aggressively. Coil is leaning back slightly.


The truth? The truth is that you handed us that bomb and you left us for dead.


You got me there. And, yeah, you're probably right about your cut of the take.

Panel 2. Coil smiling smugly down at Icicle.


The trouble is that I didn't cash out on that crown. I traded up and used it to buy my way into the Syndicate.

Panel 3. Medium shot of charge, nodding like he is impressed. Coil's voice comes from off camera.


So, unless you're willing to take a piece of that...

Panel 4. Tight shot of Icicle not listening, just staring hate up at Coil. Coil's voice comes from off panel.


...I think we're at am impasse.

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