Issue 30

The script for the 30th issue of my supervillain drama Rapid City has just been posted. Read the full script here.

Panel 2 Stretcher and the old hippie in profile in each other's faces. Behind them we can see Icicle charging forward in a frustrated rage.




No. You don't know what you're doing.

Panel 3 Icicle stepping between the two. She is grabbing the old man's wrist with an icy claw.


Stretcher, when they're this crazy you just take it.

Panle 4 Tight shot on the iced-up wrist. It is clear that the hand cannot move. With her other hand, she is sliding the ring off of his finger. There are small lightning bolts following the ring down his finger.

Panle 5 Shot from outside the train. Beams of brilliant light blast from inside the car.

Panle 6 SWITCHBOARD inside her command bunker looking at a bright monitor. She looks intrigued.


Well, this can't be right...

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