Open Studio 3/19/2012

The creator communique-a behind the scenes look out how those pages you read don't just magically appear. Kav, are you going to be able to keep track of these posts as easily as you keep track of email? This project will not be worth it if we lose track of things.

To that end, I have a few tips. Each day, start a new post with a title just like this one "Open Studio" and then the date.

Also, when you create the post, check the check box to the right that says "Open Studio". This will make it so that all of the Open Studio posts can be viewed together.

When you want to add something on a certain day, don't start a whole new post, but simply go in and edit the post which has already been started. Just skip a line or two and write what you have to write, then add a signature of some kind. I suggest we just use -Kav and -Josh

Make use of all of the text editing tags up in the tool bar to make everything more readable.

Also, get used to how you insert images and links to things. Including links to what we are talking about at any time will make this a lot more readable for us and any spectators.

I think it will end up looking like this....

I am doing some sample text about some art that I have drawn. -Kav

Oh, that is great sample text, here is some more sample text. -Josh

Looks good. -Kav

I know, I love it. -Josh

How does that look? Should one of us use italics, or is this clear enough?