Open Studio 3/20/2012

I am hoping to have some finished work from a colorist today.Having that part of issue #1 done will really set my mind at ease.

Kav, what do you need to get started on issue #4? -Josh

I am so frustrated I feel like I am losing my mind. Kav, I know that your cover for issue #1 is too heavy on the black. That much black does not look good on a cover. That is fine because that is your style of drawing and we will get a colorist to go over it. That colorist... being an artist who earns money by adding color to things will be able to lighten those big areas of black. So far, even though I have told them specifically to do that, none of them have. It looks like this most recent guy may have actually darkened it.

So, I am done with it. I am not coloring the cover. No one is. It will be black and white... for this printing anyway. The cover will stay black and white until I can find a colorist who will 1) return emails 2) do work, and 3) add color where it is needed. -Josh