Open Studio 3/25/12

Josh- just to see how i work differently with Tony on 'Dr Death vs the Master Mind'  check out this recent email to tony:

From 'Dr Death vs the Master Mind':

dude theres a lot of good avenues in those pages but i think the whole thing needs

to be scrapped-its just too much explaining to the reader.
the thing with marvin has potential but there should be some back and forth.
doc doesnt say a word in all those pages.
how bout a dysfunctional meeting where doc grudgingly gives up his insights that
something is purposely erasing the memories.  He doesnt know how or why-he'll
learn that when he goes to hospital and scans a victim.  at the meeting this is brought up
but doc is evasive-he doesnt care enough to get further involved.  feels no gratitude for
being saved from the vegas situation.  accusations fly at the meeting about doc's callous
killing-maybe someone can even accuse him of liking it and 'why dont you just join the vampires?'
marvin doesnt need to electrocute doc-he can just come up to him and lay everything on
the line.  maybe he's waiting in docs room and doc senses him but goes in anyway.
doc's motive so far is just to give up what he knows, stay a bit then move on.
marvin's motive is to get doc on board.  He wants to feel important because he works with the FBI,
giving legitimacy to his actions with the League.
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