open studio 3/26/12

Josh have you looked into kickstarter for funding?  Some projects way less awesome than rapid city have raised like $30,000 easily.-Kav

I have been thinking about that. But what would we do with it? Pay you more per page. Pay Jason a wage at which he could/would reliably produce. Hire a great colorist for the covers. And then what? Printing costs? The book is already getting made, so I don't really feel that terrible urge to pump more money into it. Also, I don't like owing people things. I would rather handle everything myself, unless there was some very convincing reason to do otherwise. I'm not against it in anyway, I just don't see the need to enter into that complication just yet. -Josh


Good Points.  i was just thinking we could get enough books printed professionally to get distributed by Diamond but you make some good points. -Kav

One other thing that I forgot to mention a while back. At the time pages were coming in so fast that I couldn't comment fast enough. Anyway, there is a panel in issue #3 where you do Maxwell Murder in an impressionistic style... and I just don't think it works how you intended it. It is a jarring shift. -Josh

How's This:

: Wow. That is just gorgeous! Perfect. Your Maxwell Murder looks not only scary and violent, but also sad and haunted. I love it. -Josh

Every Time I make a leap forward I feel sad about the stuff I drew previously.  Max used to be hard for me to capture now it's  a breeze.  I'll be replacing in DropBox shortly dude.