Open Studio 3/28/2012

Just saw the page you put in the drop box. Again, it is terrific. Sometimes some insecurity makes me afraid that you will resist revisions. But then you do the art and it amazes me again.  It is such a wonderful thing to imagine something one day, and then see it made real.-josh

Don't feel insecure I love doing revisions-sometimes I can't see my flaws-Tony never asks for revisions so I'm like an unguided missile.

PS check out this portrait -drawing kids correctly seperates the men from the boys in the hood.  So many pros draw kids with adult faces man. -Kav

Even worse are the people who only know how to draw superhero muscles. They draw chubby people and children with rock-hard muscle definition. -Josh

God that annoys me.  It's like they make the minimum effort. and the muscle attachments are all out of whack. -Kav