Open Studio 3/30/2012

From a chat earlier this evening:josh dahl: whats up? DDKaviraj: i plan on hitting #4 i have some time dude but need a printable script josh dahl: you can't print the PDF? DDKaviraj: hold on DDKaviraj: all i have access to is the script blog with all the ads josh dahl: you mean through Scribd? DDKaviraj: right josh dahl: i lost all my stuff when my computer blew up... let me see what I can find.. DDKaviraj: its no biggie would just be easier josh dahl: well, there has to be a way to work it out. DDKaviraj: ok send if ya got otherwise i draw DDKaviraj: looking f-ward to drawing monkey again i missed that dude josh dahl: awesome! josh dahl: He comes back a lot in issues 9 and 10. DDKaviraj: i'm 2 weeks ahead of schedule on crimson mask and there is a 14 day delay in payment so im not gonna finish that book before i see some green...i mean, right? josh dahl: yep. josh dahl: the rule of free-lancing... josh dahl: "Fuck you, pay me." DDKaviraj: ha ha he'll get nothing usable if he tries that DDKaviraj: once i get payments then i can trust the dude then theres more leeway josh dahl: no, YOU try that. DDKaviraj: yeah right i get it now DDKaviraj: as far as your rc11 comment yeah its weird-i had really no feel for the characters back then! josh dahl: no kidding... everything seems so much more effortless now. DDKaviraj: you got that right DDKaviraj: im gonna kick the ass of #4 josh dahl: I have no doubt about that. DDKaviraj: dude i'm going back inside but might be at coffeeshop later josh dahl: OK, hey... josh dahl: I just test downloaded the scribd PDF. josh dahl: It is clean! DDKaviraj: righteous dude