Open Studio 3/31/12

  Joshy help-I am trying to print the google search pages for the Daryl/computer scene-3 pages but I cant seem to do it-is there any way you can copy those google pages and send to me as some form of attachment dude? rather small if possible-the panels are like 3 by 5 and I'm gonna stick em down. also when i google how to be a superhero i get this page:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=3c17bac594aba933&biw=983&bih=580

not any XXX sites

please advise dude

Kav, I will do what I can, but I am out in the woods and away from really solid Web connection. I would suggest Judy skipping it for now.


Judy? ps my idea failed so i guess i still need help i'm gonna hand draw the pages but i need something to trace

"judy"... that is my auto-complete's version of "just". Being able to post from my phone is really great, but I have to watch out for stufff like that. -Josh