Open Studio 4/14/2012

I just finished banging out the last 7 pages of Crimson Mask 1 so I'm back on the case dude penciling out pages 11-15. PS dude did you know Iggy Pop-also known as Max Murder-is known for his pointing?  makes my job easier man:


young max

Man,  he's weird lookin'.  look at those face folds  and veins bro. creepy.  perfect.  you sure can cast em Josh.


In my head, Maxwell Murder was originally based on Eminem, and later on Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler. It was only when I started looking for photo reference for you to use did I arrive at the bizarrely perfect amalgam of the two: Iggy Pop. -Josh

he is definitely a combo of those two!  got the next 5 pages penciled out.  PS dude get this-it looks like I am going to redraw the 120 pages of DR DEATH VS THE ZOMBIE!  due to the hand lettering it has to be completely redrawn!!!!!