Open Studio 3/12/2012

Kav, in the Dropbox you will see a folder called "Rapid City Project" in there you will find a folder for each issue of Rapid City. that is where you should posting the pages. You are shared on that folder already. I am going to try to streamline the Dropbox a bit this coming week. Also, what did you mean by "PS dude am I gonna get to view the final script for input?" You saw the final script before you ever started drawing. Do you mean the finished pages?

Also, you can't copy images from your email into the wordpress. They will show up only for people who have your email password automatically accessible. But, for the small adjustments you made, I don't think you need go through the trouble of posting them here. I looked at them in the Dropbox and they look just fine. You adjusted he effects around that fist and you adjusted Kinetic's pose. Looks good. I looking at those adjustments, I looked again at those pages with Hourglass... they make me so happy! I will send you a payment for those very soon. -Josh

I mean the final script where hopefully the characters are using each other's names so the reader will know who everyone is.  otherwise after 4 issues the readers will be thinking 'I wonder who all these guys ARE'....

I feel like I keep clamoring about these 2 issues dude the names and the lettering.

OK now I get it about pasting images....also I moved the pages 6-10 into project folder but couldnt figure out how to stick em in the book 4 folder-so theyre just kinda flapping in the breeze-I figured you could rectify the situation.  also can i delete the rc book 4 pages folder or is it in 2 places at once and if i delete it it will delete from project folder too then I'll have to re upload?  I'm confused dude.  PS I checked out the RC 1 colored cover the new one it looks great.