Open Studio 3/9/2012

Yesterday I was talking about the layers of meaning in the character Hourglass.-Josh

Kav commented... holy s*** how shakespearean, man. Too bad the readers will be unaware of this irony as HER NAME IS NEVER MENTIONED! ps updated p's 3 and 5 also 6-10 in dropbox. check out panel 2 below where I followed your advice of no 90 degrees (my original pencils) and slanting the camera angle to depict DISORIENTATION this issue:

Kav, I just love the effect of the slanting. Also, the look of the large panel stretching behind the other ones. It makes it look chaotic and crowded. Terrific. That is the difference between illustrating a story and drawing a comic. You, sir, are drawing a comic! -Josh

well you helped dude with your most excellent input!