Open Studio 4/1/32

April fools. anyway, ok i finished the first 15 pages of Crimson Mask so I'm not drawing any more until I see some green so that means full fire power on RC #4.  In 2 weeks I did 15 pages, penciled 5 pages of RC and drew a Batman movie T shirt contest.

Who else wants a piece of me???  some ref poses I'll be using:

A question: on p 1 kinetic is in costume on building p 2 in am's apt am i reading this correctly? or is he p1 in am's but we cant see where he is? if its a splash i'll need to put in b/g so we'll know its an apt? -Kav

Page 1 is like a pin-up. It is not directly part of the narrative. It acts more as a reminder of what is going on in the book. I also thought it would be a bad idea to start right out with a relationship scene. Better to start with a shot of a superhero so that people know this book isn't just people arguing. -Josh

so him in costume on building? -Kav

Yes, In costume on page 1, but in his civvies in the next scene. Now that I am explaining it out like this, it feels like something Stan Lee would have done back in the day. Like, no matter what the story is, open with a shot of your main hero. To really do it right I should have him in an inescapable death trap. -Josh

stan the man-you cant argue with what works.  ps took a respite from rc to do a variant cover i had been promising for a while-here's the uncorrected proof: