Open Studio 4/13/2012

Yesterday, Kav said:"I mean the final script where hopefully the characters are using each other's names so the reader will know who everyone is. otherwise after 4 issues the readers will be thinking 'I wonder who all these guys ARE'....

I feel like I keep clamoring about these 2 issues dude the names and the lettering.

OK now I get it about pasting images....also I moved the pages 6-10 into project folder but couldnt figure out how to stick em in the book 4 folder-so theyre just kinda flapping in the breeze-I figured you could rectify the situation. also can i delete the rc book 4 pages folder or is it in 2 places at once and if i delete it it will delete from project folder too then I'll have to re upload? I'm confused dude. PS I checked out the RC 1 colored cover the new one it looks great."

For now, script revisions are complicated, because I have lost all of the original Celtx scripts and now only have them in PDF form. So, I can't easily modify the scripts ON the scripts. So, what I did was just re-read the scripts and make notes in a new documents called "the edit script". Then I just sent those corrections on to Jason. In short, there is no final script, but rather corrections made in a companion document. Now that you have Celtx, I could easily send you a copy as well. Though, I promise it is not interesting reading. And, I assure you, one of the main things I am reading for is timely name-dropping. It's in there.

When in doubt, don't delete. You are shared on the "official" issue 4 folder, so maybe try it again. If not, I will just go in and clean it up. No big deal. Glad you like the colored cover. But, soon, when these four issues are all collected into a trade, we are doing a new cover. That one gave us both so many headaches that I don;t even enjoy looking at it anymore! -Josh

I also feel the same way.  Great news on the name dropping I have worked with several writers and this always crops up-its definitely not unusual so glad its in good hands.  when you watch a movie the names are used within seconds usually-its critically important. -Kav

It isn't even that KNOWING a character's name connects a reader so much as it is that NOT knowing alienates the reader. The reader might even forget the name after a page, but they know that the character HAS a name and thus is important to the story. It is a way of letting the reader know that you put some time into this person, and possibly the reader's investment of time and mental energy might be rewarded. A while ago, people were criticizing some Marvel comics for the clumsy way in which names were introduced. They simply floated a caption next to whoever it was the first time they showed up. It would say "Beast: Mutant Genius" or some clever comment. But why NOT? Sure, it is artificial. But it is so much LESS artificial forcing that info into conversation. The only reason that I don't do something like that in Rapid City is that it does not fit the tone. That kind of info-dump works very well on a fast-paced adventure because that is how the reader wants it. Hopefully, Rapid City readers will be rewarded by a slower, unfolding, discovery process. -Josh

I thought of this until i listened to people talk-they use each other's names CONSTANTLY

eg today two students:   "Markesha you know you wrong"  "Whatever ashley"  Its not artificial AT ALL dudeski.