Open Studio 4/18/12

Dude we have decided to completely redo Dr death vs the Zombie -here is a slice of page 2.  we're focussing more on the characterization and horror elements and the book will be digitally lettered and colored.  This is a scene where doc stumbles on a serial rapist/killer in a convenience store.  I am publishing this inside my apt instead of in my car-found a network that works in here I am really stoked man.


Looks like wordpress ate my last post.

Anyway, loving your work and really happy that you are getting online in a reliable way.

And here is this for you to look at 215 ink It is a preview image posted by 215ink I love the way they use smaller panels within the image.


never seen it done quite like this-thats the beauty of comics-there's always some new way to do things.