Open Studio 4/2/12

Josh here's a prevu of RC 4 p 1 -I modified Kinetic's costume somewhat-I figured 2 things one i draw better so i have to draw some stuff better 2 these are real people who are always tweaking his gauntlets now have readout screens and are going to be more consistent from now on-dont know if you noticed but the gaunts were always drawn a little differently in various panels.  look for changes in more realistic boots also.   a good artist can draw good footwear-its like the hardest thing to get right even harder than the dreaded hands.   I also added a rt leg thigh pad for combat. So, I hope its ok dude.

I really like the idea of gradual costume modifications. Just so long as they are not a distraction from the story. These ones look great. Also, I don't know if this is the final layout you want to use, but I love the way his head is not fully in the panel. It creates a great visual tension. -josh

i gotta start cropping stuff more--but wait its page one and needs titles and credits-i'll let you handle how much you wanna crop with titles and creds dude if any.  if this was the image i was going to use then i would have to balance things by adding more to the body somehow-its too plain to carry the design weight by itself without the head. -Kav

ps dude i have pages 1-10 penciled and 1-3 inked.  page 3 i wasnt so excited about-seemed kind of bland but it came out one of my best pages man.  also if you stumble on women in capes please forward-i can never find the right billowing flowing capes and thats something better not freehanded man.