Open Studio 4/24/2012

Hey, Kav, I know that I owe you some money for the pages you have done. How much do I owe you. Sorry that I've been a bit out of touch lately. I was getting ready for the Boston Comic Con, but now that is done and I am ready to get back into making Rapid City comics.-Josh

you owe me for 7 pages that's $140 but you can wait for the next 3 pages and continue to pay in 5 page installments-i had that dr death 5 page proposal and crimson mask deadlines that's why you haven't seen pages recently.  ps i forgot monkey's tattoo on p 6 that has been corrected.

Pages 11 and 12. [gallery link="file"] -kav

Monkey has a tattoo? Cool. Those pages look fantastic. Of course I was worried about those scenes coming across as boring. And, of course, they will be boring. They are supposed to be a bit boring. One of the real struggles I faced with this story arc was showing the LACK of conflict as a problem that Kinetic is facing. It is a significant character moment that he is staying out there despite the fact that there is NOTHING for him to do. No crime to fight, no people to rescue. But he sticks it out. This is a hard thing to SHOW, but I think that you did a great job of it on these pages. -Josh

Well it worked dude becaue that's EXACTLY how it came across to me.  And, it wasnt boring.  I'll tell you what IS boring, superheroes fighting CONSTANTLY and wisecracking the whole time and saying things like "you really are as evil as he always said you were!"  That's boring.

PS dude what was it that made you hire me in the first place was it a certain image? Tony liked the way I drew stacks of money: