Open Studio 4/30/2012

Ok, Kav, I have some ideas that we need to talk about. I have been looking at covers. I have been looking at the covers that work and I have been thinking. The more I think about it, the cover that we worked so hard on for issue #1 just isn't good enough for a first issue. No matter how we slice it or re-arrange it, having the main character sitting down on the cover was just a bad idea. Why didn't either of us catch that? Maybe neither of have really focused on the specific art of creating covers. Anyway, I have been thinking about ways to get Kinetic up off his ass and lose the chair.




So, this is what I have come up with... You can see we keep the idea of the splash of heroes shooting past behind him. But now, instead of sitting off to the side, the main character is standing in the middle. Makes sense, doesn't it? I feel so silly for not seeing this before! Anyway, that grey figure in the middle is Kinetic, as Brian. He is turned slightly to his right. He is turning away from the bright light that the heroes are leaping toward. His head, however is turning to look back at the light. He is thinking about the life that is passing him by. In his right hand, he will be holding his costume and mask. And that's it. Lots of color in the back. Fill that space with huge heroes. Then lay the figure of Kinetic over it. He is heavy and dark by contrast. Well, whatta ya think? -Josh

I think the character sitting is ok-just look at the simplicity of this sean phillips cover:

how bout we keep the seated kinetic but put a similar city scene behind him?

otherwise I say we just scrap the entire thing and start with a completely different idea-remember this was the 25th version I did and instead of spinning our wheels further with this lets just start over.

PS here's an old airbrush painting of mine: