Open Studio 4/3/2012

Now this is where this open studio thing will really get fun.Kav, you mentioned that you have some pages nearing completion... so let's see 'em! -Josh

well dude the first 5 should be in the dropbox tomorrow!!! here's a prevu:

This looks just great. I was actually a bit worried about this scene. When I came back and re-read it, it came off as a little jokey. But, I think you made it work. There is, however, one minor complication. One that we really need to fix. The "fake" web page that you have on here... it's not fake. I typed it in. That is a real site. So, if we run that as is, we will be effectively doing free advertising for an adult website. Perhaps make it more specific. I tried and it seems unused. Whatever you go with, try it out first. The other site you mention, Google, I don't really mind advertising for them. May as well advertise for air. -Josh

Superherosluts it is-and it actually works better for our purposes-good catch dude.  ps i have just uploaded p 1-5 in DB