Open Studio 4/5/2012

Kav, looking at your newly posted pages, and I love them. But here is the thing that I want you to start working on...Too many of your angles are 90degrees. Too often, the walls behind the subject are directly perpendicular to the camera. Of course this is not WRONG, but watch how much more dynamic the individual images become when the angles are slightly skewed. Plus, I think it looks more natural.

Another good reason for slightly skewing thing sis that it fits with the theme of the book right now for things to be unsteady and uneven. Once that is established, 90degree images will take on a weight and stability that we can use for dramatic effect. -Josh

i'm on it and thanks.  man this is gonna be big.  I'm always shootin for clarity of image but I need to break loose a bit man.

ps please tell me if i can delete those now duplicate rc folders in DB   I need the space man