Open Studio 4/8/12 (afternoon)

Josh I thought I'd share some of Kav's drawing secrets today:

That link did not work. I think it might not be working because you took it out of your email. Post full URL here and I will make sure that it links correctly. Also, five pages in means that I owe you some money. I was actually secretly hoping that you would come out and ask for it here, as you often do in emails... just to built the drama. I am the writer, it is my job to create drama and conflict! As soon as I post this, I will head over to paypal and send you some money. -Josh

Money sent! Now, get drawing! -Josh

the pic shows on my wordpress-wtf? you got a link?  you know I don't have to ask you to pay me josh you always do. ps I have 6-10 done but everything is closed-manana i send-they look great-love drawing Hourglass. PS I thought of any possible way to YOU KNOW (dont want to spoil it) but she has her destiny-thought of kinetic using his force field on the YOU KNOW but that wouldn't work cause once she stopped her time power even for an instant-YOU KNOW. -Kav

I think that I know what you are talking about. Can Kinetic solve Hourglass's problem? Ultimately, No, he can't. There are ways to solve her problems, but they are simply inaccessible to the characters in the story. Also, Red Lion has a line later on about the nature of the problem that implies there isn't much that can be done. What is an hourglass, after all, but a visualization of time running out? -Josh