Open Studio 4/8/2012

Ok, Kav, now that you are used to using wordpress it is time to step it up one notch.When you use the editor are you using the "Visual" or the "HTML" tab? If you are using the visual, I suggest you switch over to the HTML. Once you are past the basic familiarity, the HTML is actually a lot easier to use. You can better use the various formatting tags and such. This will help to ensure that all of our exchanges are properly tagged. Make sure that only MY posts are between the "blockquote" tags and that each of our exchanges is followed by either "-Josh" or "-Kav". It will make things much more clear. -Josh

Ok, moving on, in the last Open Studio I suggested a few panel changes. you posted these images, but for some reason they didn't come up correctly. Here they are. I think that you can clearly see the improvement in the look of the Daryl image. The Kinetic one looks just right. Nice work. -Josh

Also, you mentioned Celtx in an email message. I have been using Celtx for a long time. It is a great script writing program. It certainly has its problems, but they are far outweighed by its usefulness. The problem that you and I will have with using it is that almost all of my original Celtx scripts were lost. All I have left are the PDFs. When we get to a point where we both have the current script on Celtx, it is a great collaborative platform. -Josh

I'm not getting how the HTML tab is easier dude-it has a bunch of gobbldygook (sic) all around-remember dude everything i have to master outside of drawing slows down my drawing-so use it sparingly i think.  PS I'm really messing with the camera angles now dude you'll see some of it in pages 6-10 due out today-but they were mostly penciled before your tip so apres that its gonna be wild.  Not too wild Josh don't worry. I completely changed the straight on angle of the 'cars in a line' on p 7-due to your input- panel 2 is way dynamic.


Man, I love that you are taking in the camera angle thing! I actually think that if too many people start to read this it might be bad for other artists! People will start saying "Why can't you be more like Kav?" As far as using the HTML mode... Don't work too hard on it, but do try this. The next time you start a post (not add to one of mine) try starting it in HTML. And, try using some of the buttons up top. For example, high-light some text and make it a link by clicking the link button. Once you do that a few time, the gobbledeygook will make a lot more sense. -Josh