Open Studio 4/9/2012: The Pages

OK, now let's talk about pages 6-10. Here the are.

Page 6. I love the crazy angle and poses in panel 2. I also love the interesting buildings in panel 1. Rapid City is really starting tio take on its own look. The other thing that stands out on this page is that these guys really look like two buddies hanging out.

Josh that's EXACTLY what I was shooting for!  I feel like its me and you up there dude.

Page 7. I already told you how much I enjoy those first two panels. They look great. I like how this scene turned out. A pointless argument, a pointless fight, and a pointless intervention. Nice. The panel with the fist looks good. But I worry that, with the blast around it, it will look too much like Kinetic is doing the punching.

GOOD CALL!  Thats why i need another pair of eyes!  I'm removing that blast.

Page 8. Another great page. Love the plane showing the passage of time! Is that a call back to our conversation about what is in the sky? The one change that I might suggest from all five of these pages is in the last panel. The caption for that panel is quite dark and sad, yet his posture looks just as fun as when he was hanging out with Monkey. Maybe a higher angle would make him seem more powerless.

It WAS a call from that conversation.  What if I add a frown?  so it seems like he's trying to leap away from his problems?  I'll redraw the panel if ya want.  But a higher angle will withdraw the character from the reader...remember low angles pull you into the character high push you out.

High angle is just a thought. I love the idea of him seeming to leap away from his problems. I feel like the answer is in his posture.

Page 9. This whole page is breath-taking. You show so much with her body language. I love that first panel.

Its so feminine even tho she's a tuff chick.  this was a hard page-i think i explained the trouble i have with good capes.  Cape in panel 4 my fave.

Page 10.Looking back at my script, I can see that you played around with the panels here a little bit. Good. I am embarrassed to have crammed so many panels onto this page, but you really made it work. Same with the previous page. Really good stuff. -Josh

Oh I did some fast thinking to make everything fit Josh.  Last panel I didn't have enough room to show her answering phone and a clear smile so i broke it up-it almost seems like her time power puts her in 2 places at once.   I especially like the eyes panel 8-very hard to draw an iris.  Her eyes look wet and glistening i think.   I really feel I know these characters now and how they need to be depicted.

Yeah. Those eyes look amazing.