"I want your salvation..."

Last night I went to see Rancid at Boston's House of Blues.They were incredible. 20 years on, and whatever it was is still there.

Their music has been a huge inspiration for Rapid City from the very start and last night was like a kick-start. As they played, and I could hear the honest emotion connected to songs that I already know so well, new Rapid City ideas were just spinning out of control.

It is all too vague to pin down right now, but I can tell you that there are bad things ahead for Kinetic and Sidekick.

I also got a chance to meet bass player Matt Freeman. I tried to not act like a total fan-boy and gush all over him. I think I did ok. I told him briefly about Rapid City and how it was inspired by his work. I held back from telling him too many details, but assured him that he would be hearing about it again in the future.

I told him then, before the show, and I am saying it again, publicly, right here... Thank you, Rancid, for all the inspiration. -Josh

did you-tell him about the Maxwell Murder video?  please tell me you did.


Nah. I didn't want to be an annoying wierdo. I just put the idea in his head so that he will know it the next time he sees it. -Josh

you worry too much about what people might think of you.  If i sang that song i would be damn interested in a graphic depiction of it man.  You should put it on youtube titled Rancid Maxwell Murder-might get some attention and pre made buyers for the comics.  Any rancid fan would be a Rapid City fan.


Word will get to the band and the fans, but I don't want to push it. It'll happen. My main concern right at that moment was that I was just a bit tipsy and I wasn't sure that I could control my enthusiasm. I didn't want to overwhelm the man with my fan-boy blubbering. But, as I said, the word will get out.


Yeah if you were tipsy that was a smart move dude.