Issue 32

The script for the 32nd issue of my superhero villain comic book, Rapid City, has just been posted.

Panel 3 Icicle turning away, she looks disgusted and disappointed. Templar is still steady and serious.

ICICLE You can't say things like that. You don't say "you can trust me".

They'll all know it's a lie, because everything anyone says here is a lie.

ICICLE Or worse, for you, they'll think you're telling the truth.

That's a weakness to them, and all they know how to do is attack.

TEMPLAR I've got no loyalty to Coil. That's all I meant.

You can tell me about him and it'll stay between you and me.

Panel 4 Wide panel with Templar at the left and Icicle at the right. This is a pause. She is sizing him up. Her balloon is at the far right.

ICICLE You don't need to do this. This isn't who you are.

Panel 5 Templar looking grim and holding up his hand to showoff his magic ring.

TEMPLAR I thought that, too. I thought that for years, and I was wrong.

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