Open Studio 5/1/2012

Scrap the cover?I like the mock-up idea with Kinetic standing at the center of the image, but I can't disagree at all with your idea to scrap it and try again. Which brings me to the piece of art you posted. It is great. I love it. Does something like that fit the themes of Rapid City? I think that it does. It looks hopeful, but also contemplative. How can we take an idea like that, but make it seem less weightless? That image of Superman seems so graceful and effortless. It looks like he has not a care in the world. Kinetic, on the other hand, has more worry than freedom. So, the question is, how do we take a beautiful concept like this and make it weightier? -Josh

Ok I wasn't posting that painting as a cover idea I was just sharing.  I don't think Kinetic has actual worries in #1-no one is threatened, he eats well and has a home, no major diseases...he just is a new superhero unsure about himself...maybe that idea of him worrying is the wrong approach.  what about something like

with kinetic/brian

or something like POWERS cover -kav


I love these covers. That Spidey is a favorite of mine. I have that image hanging in my classroom. It has actually inspired some pretty important scenes in Rapid City stories. It is great, but this is not the time for it.

The Powers cover is wonderful. Much more our speed. Especially as our book is called Rapid City. Rapid CITY. So, it would be good to show the city!

So here is my thought now. You know that Superman picture you posted yesterday... well, picture that combined with this Powers image. In your picture, Superman seems about to touch down. What if you spun the camera around so that it was looking up at him. What if the camera was sitting right where Kinetic was about to land and we are looking up at him as he is coming in. He is graceful, he is thrilled, he is nervous, and the city is glowing behind him like that Powers cover.

Can you see it?


 I can see it and I'm gonna work on that.  If you find any shots from below send em my way.  PS did you know DC copied that iconic Spiderman cover two months after that came out with this:  funny, no? -Kav