Open Studio 5/12/2012

Hey, Kav. I have been super busy with school and my latest script (#32) and I haven't had a chance to take any pictures. I believe that you are still busy with other projects so you aren't specifically waiting on. Right?I would hope that if you were waiting on me you would have gotten on me about this already. I really will try to get to those photos tonight or tomorrow. -Josh

yeah I'm good.  Just put p 13 in dropbox and am finishing pages 14-15 I want to finish rc 4 before i do crimson mask #3-thats the last issue. Max and Andrew talk


I like this page a lot. I really like how that shot of the Corner Bar is starting to become familiar. Panel 2, with the dudes getting some drinks is great. I love that this is not some mysterious villain bar, but just a regular place where folks get wing baskets. Nice. One day, you and Tony and I will get some burgers and fries at the real life Corner Bar in Kalamazoo.

I like all of the acting that is going on on here. It doesn't look static or posed. It looks like people talking.

That is some VERY noir shading across Max's face. Very nice. He is a very noir kind of guy.

I think that his neck tat should be bigger, though. Like, almost ear to ear. It is ok if it is only really readable when he raises his head and shows it off. Lots of tattoos are like that.

And speaking of which, I have a good friend who has done both comic book art and tattoo art. How would you feel about having him come in over your drawings of Max and fill in some tattoo flair?

Also, watch out that you don't slip back into those 90 degree panel layouts.  This page looks just fine with them, but be aware.

I know these pages can get a little text heavy, so be sure to do your best to leave room for those word balloons.


yes these pages were penciled before i started playing with the camera angles.  Feel free to have your friend up the ante on the tats.  I do like having b-ground people active-another thing i learned from Sean Phillips.  Glad ya like the shading-watch for more.  And us three chillin one day would be epic, dude.  weird if we saw a dude that looked like Max in there though.