Open Studio 5/20/2012

As I type this, i can see little notifications that Kav is deleting and replacing files in our Dropbox folder. That is pretty exciting. Kav, I will see what I can do about finding some photo reference for that AM/HG image. That will be a challenging one to do with action figures, though. And speaking of which, here are somepics I took just a few minutes ago.

So, this is the general pose I was thinking of. Of course, the actual drawing might be a little more limber than our Hasbro friend here. This one gives you the general pose I am thinking of. It is light and graceful, but still has some weight to it. Picture him coming in for a landing on the edge of a medium-tall building surrounded by very-tall buildings. Not modern glass and steel... but lots of brick and sculpture type sky-scrapers.

And here's one with some lighting thrown in. If you imaging that the roof on which he is landing has some roof lights, he could be landing right next to one of those. This can allow us lots of those shadows you love, but also keep the page lit up. Also, him looking away from the light (slightly) is a great way to hint at that struggle between hope and giving-up. -Josh