Open Studio 5/22/12

whattya think? -kav

Looks terrific. You nailed it. -Josh

thanks for guiding me to a better product.


ps this looked like a sign you might see in Rapid City: ps

Nah, Rapid City is actually a pretty nice town. We get to see a lot of the dark parts, because we are dealing with the fighting of crime. But on an average day, on an average street, you would be quite likely to find strangers smiling back at you. -Josh

I wouldn't want Maxwell smiling at me that's for sure.  PS thanks for the payment-My tank is now filled back up-I'm finishing the first 5 pages of crimson Mask and then I'm gonna hit the last pages of RC 4 which are already penciled.


ps check out this page i got on ebay for $7 free shipping:

Original Fernando signed Ruiz comic art Archie mysteries #31 November page 27