Open Studio 5/29/12

a little preview for ya ps dude i'm doing page 21-he walks in the restaurant and the waitress is not shocked to see a superhero walk in-so she must know him-so maybe and exchange like this:  Kinetic "Ahoy" Waitress "Hey-how's the superhero biz?"  kinetic "Kinda slow"  Waitress "ya think up a name yet?" -Kav

Think of it more like the waitress is just desensitized. Working the night/morning shift anyone or anything could walk in. Club kids, hookers, drunks, rock-stars, superheroes, crazies... you name it. It is her defense to not react. Also, this is not a normal thing for him yet. This is the first time he has earned this breakfast after a hard night's work doing nothing. One day he'll be a regular, but not just yet. -Josh

so no one reacts to the superheros in RC-I love it.  PS did ya notice the corner?


Some people will react, and some won't. People like cops, doctors, substitute teachers, and wait-people would likely not really bat an eyelash. Especially in non-action situations. Especially because you never know who is an actual super-powered do-gooder and who is an attention-starved cos player. -Josh

is there any way to depict this viewpoint for the reader?  Maybe a news story in background or something?  otherwise readers might have the same misconception I had.