Open Studio 5/8/2012

Almost done with crimson Mask #2 dude-then I can start hitting RC again here's an excerpt from recent CM page.  I keep a sean phillips page open while I'm inking to inspire me.

what about something like this with Kinetic in city just chillin on the street? -Kav

Again, a great cover. But too noir. Notice the character is, again, looking down and back. Atthis point in the story, Kinetic needs to be looking up and forward. Believe me, there will be plenty of time for Kinetic and other characters to look back in regret. I still really like the idea of the low angle shot looking up at Kinetic coming to rest. Do you want me top see if I can pose something like that with toys? -Josh

If you come across something send it my way I'm pretty sure superman returns will have a pose I can use though-there are lots of scenes of him slowly descending to earth.  But how can it be a below shot of him showing him looking up and forward?  all we will see is his chin.