Open Studio 6/3/2012

The last two pages of Rapid City #4 are in dropbox.-Kav

Page 24. I love the character that you added to the diner here. The nautical theme is silly and annoying, just like a diner should be. In fact, there is a diner much like this one in Kalamazoo. It is a little more of a restaurant, but still it is no where near the water and has no reason at all to have nets and buoys on the walls.  I like it.

You were asking if we could have a way of showing why the waitress does not over-react to seeing a superhero. Well, we don't need to. You already did it. Panel 4 is my favorite on the page, and it does what you were talking about. Why is Kinetic not a big deal? Simple, because pouring the next cup of coffee is more important. Panels like that one are what will make this book great.

Panel 6 is great, but Kinetic's goggles look a little funny. I think they look smaller on his head than normal. Do you see that? Look at page 1. Usually, when he is looking right at us, the far tips of his goggles almost reach the sides of his head. Here, though, they look smaller. This makes the lenses look more like his eyes, and the high-lights start to look more like cartoony eye-balls.


yes good call on the goggles-me fix.  weird the coffee pouring panel does exactly what you said and i didn't even realize it.  it's just another day in waitress land.


I like the simplicity of this page compared to the clutter of  the previous page. As it should be. Panels 5 and 6 are great. Very introspective.

In panel 3, her upper lip seems to disappear into her nose. So, maybe just a slightly thinner upper lip would look a little better.

Those last two panels are just great. Even in the stark black and white, I can see the sun coming up behind the diner. This page really feels good. It feels right. I feel Kinetic's pride at having stuck it out through the night. He earned that coffee.


no thats not her upper lip-the black area is her upper lip-i'll get rid of the line next to her nose which is causing the confusion.  I'm glad you caught on to why I chose no backgrounds in panels for this page.

And that's light roast he's drinking-no nasty French roast for him.

Ok I'm back-I fixed the problems and will replace in DB shortly.


I just checked out the changes you did. They look great. What other artist out there turns around corrections in just a few hours... In full view of the public? I love it. I would post the changes here, but they are pretty miniscule and not as much fun to look at as the ones you did where you changed day to night. -Josh

few hours???? wtf Josh I did those changes in 3 minutes.  Ok it did take a while to load em in dropbox but thats because I have to go out to my car to send tiff files....