Excuses, excuses...

By now it should be obvious that I will be late on this month's deadline. Issue 33 has been very hard to nail down. I just wasn't sure just how to get to point B. I figured it out, though.

And, I have been working with Kav a lot on the art that he has been cranking out, plus trying to get together the lettering and the coloring.

And it has been the end of the semester at school, so that has sucked away a lot of my energy.

So, those are my excuses... that and a lot of chores and stuff.

But, I have the next week off, so I plan to get back on schedule, and then get ahead of schedule.


Well dude you are still WAY more productive than most hopefuls in this biz-don't beat yourself up about it.  Self is an illusion, as Monkey would say.