Issue #33

The script for the 33rd issue of my supervillain revenge saga has just been posted. Read it here.

Panel 3 The old hippie yelling at Coil from the ground.Behind him, Icicle is still approaching. Ice armor is forming along her remaining arm and on her head.

OLD HIPPIE That power will destroy you! ICICLE Give me back my arm!

Panel 4 Wider shot showing Coil throwing the arm. The arm is hitting one of the boxes of Icicle's stuff.

COIL How about I put it with the rest of your garbage.

Panel 5 Very low angle shot from in the street looking back toward Icicle. In the foreground is the arm laying in the street. Behind it, we can see that its impact tipped the box of stuff into the street. The box wasmostly empty. Behind the box, we can see Icicle desperately lunging for the limb.

Read all of the Rapid City scripts here. Read the completed issue #11, for free, here.