Looking for even more work from Kav

Question for Kav:
How resistant are you to the idea of reworking the cover for issue 3? I see a couple of wonky things with Flamethrower that are really throwing off the piece for me.
1)  the rotation of her body seems weird. Her hips and legs point to the bottom left of the image while her head points to the top right.
She's a superhero. Shouldn't she be standing potently in a single direction? Also, I think she's more Wolverine than Captain America.
2) The detail on her boobs is odd. It looks lopsided and I'm confused as to the layout of her costume.
3) Her feet go off the bottom of the page. This is made even worse by the fact that I need to stretch the image out into the bleed. Her feet will end up totally cut off by the trim line right above her ankles.
4) Less of a big deal: her hands (and the other girls' hands too) seem oddly placed/arranged.
So those are my concerns and all. Let me know what you think. Maybe in a rework, you could try out drawing in a more color-friendly, less-chiaroscuro way as well! ;)
I agree this should be completely redrawn-worm's eye view pics always come out looking awkward-this was drawn from action figures josh posed so I didnt get to work from actual people which I prefer.  Josh?


I agree. WEV is no good. It's why teen girls always take BEV  phone pics...more flattering. Maybe a BEV a la Justice League America/International?

Btw...totally dazzled by the fight shots below!



Guys, I completely trust both of you on this. You know the basics of what I want... so work your magic. The simple logic behind WEV vs BEV is that lower angles put the viewer below the subject, and thus make the subject seem more powerful. BEV puts the viewer over the subject, making the subject seem smaller and weaker, That is why I wanted the lower shot for the big Hourglass splash page in issue 5 (below). High angle shots are often used in fashion photography (and thus copied by the teens you mention) because that angle makes the eyes look bigger and the nose and mouth look smaller. This is great for making fashion models look child-like and pouty (thus sexy?) but isn't always the way to go with superheroes.


how about a straight on view?  WEV is just no good.


Straight-on lacks drama. It doesn't add any weight or emotion to the image. That kind of shot can work when the content of the image has it's own emotional weight. This cover, however, has none of its own weight to a new reader (ALL Rapid City readers are new readers) so we have to charge the image somehow... tell the reader to feel something about it. -Josh

well we ruled out WEV so that leaves only BEV dude...


Here is -- in my mind -- the archetypal WEV group-shot. I think it works. I can live with WEV, I think, so long as everything looks solid. Notice that the females are actually straight on -- technically, if they existed, they would be tipping off the edge of the building. My big things are not cutting off feet with the edge of the image and making sure the torsos look correct. I think you should go with posing the characters based on your instincts, Kav. You have directed them already and know their personalities. Imagine you are doing the cover for a new Justice League #1. How do you communicate the essence of each of the three in body language and impressiveness?


yes i forgot you can do a WEV with the faces forward-that should solve this entire dilemma.  And no foreshortened legs-that looks ugly.  Feet get HUGE.  But to sell it they need to be on a building ledge or something-the feet will have to be cut off like image above.

HG needs to project sexy mystery FT a cocky tomboy attitude and Anne Marie a new girl in the clique excitement.