Open Studio 6/12/2012

issue 4 cover pencils:

This is weird! Man, I like it. I was picturing something like a busy diner, just with attention on Kinetic. This, however, is almost spooky. One thing, the checker-board floor is too cliche. I kind of hate that. I think that the only places that actually have floors like this are intentionally kitschy places like Johnny Rocket's. The diner that Kinetic goes to, even this strange dream-like diner, should be the kind of place that real people go to get big plates of food before or after work. -Josh

i like the spookiness too-the floor-what if i do something like this-more of a carpet look:


I think that is a great fix. -Josh

yeah we cant have just a blank floor-thats what i'm going with then.  Man josh we have some seriosly solid covers.  All that work was worth it to get #1 just right.


ps check out this great michael lark Batman from the great Gotham Central: