Open Studio 6/18/2012

Micah, the colorist for the covers of issue #11 and B-Sides #1, has been at work coloring Kav's cool new cover for issue #1.To make things run more smoothly on future covers, he has created this guide for making covers.

It looks useful to me. I wonder if it is possible to make one where the logo is not locked to that corner. Issue #1, for example, will work better with the logo at the bottom. -Josh

Yeah, the logo shouldn't be locked--that's what makes us different...well, one of the things. -kav

Two thingys: 1) You really want your logo in the same place on every issue. It's part of the branding of the mag. 2) It should always be at the top of the cover since it would (supposedly) be on a rack competing with other magazines. If it is below that, the logo would not be seen if the issue was on any rack behind the front row. -Micah

Micah, I agree that the logo should always be the same. But I don't think that it always needs to be in the same place. So long as it is clearly visible. Also, those magazine-rack style displays are not very common any more. I agree that we take a risk. It might be hard for people to find. The upside is that it is a little more visually interesting. Also, you can log in and post your comments just like above. Just make sure you clearly identify who is "talking".


Fair enough, but it SHOULD always be at the top -- on principle.