Open Studio 6/25/12 Images from #5

I've been playing around with some issue 5 images - here's the scene where Max gets shot in the forehead, giving him a new tattoo:


Damn! Once again Max looks scary as hell. This guy is a truly great villain. Absolutely terrifying, and yet somehow you make him sympathetic.  Hopefully, readers will end up feeling sorry for this guy, just a little bit. I am really looking forward to seeing  what you do with him.

For this shot, though, I wrote it as his already having some tat up there, and it changing shape to block the bullet. I was about to tell you to make that change... but looking at this... I am thinking we just go with it.

Max is SO scary looking! He is really a monster.


Glad ya like it.  I love drawing this dude--though its no walk in the park.  I'm always striving to bring out his essence.  Dude, issue 5 was the best yet.  I was on the edge of my seat when max took a run at Sidekick-didn't know if Max would kill him.  and I knew SK was a superhero.  First time readers will be stunned by his invulnerability and how easily they defeated Max (who is no slouch, as we see from the scene with the hoods).  Ha ha, Murder--not everyone is a civilian!  You just got your ass handed to you plus you gave yourself away to friends of Hourglass.  Can't wait for issue 6.  Man this is good stuff.  Image would be smart to pick this up.  its not like any previous superhero book--it has a flavor all its own.  I hope the industry lets us in to change the paradigm.  I've always wanted to do a fairly realistic superhero book--Watchmen and Miracleman are my role models.  So glad we hooked up, man.

So Kinetic is ok with hourglass killing someone?
Glad you are loving it. One cool thing about that fight between Max and Sidekick is that both "Maxwell Murder" and "Sidekick" are the names of songs. Cooler still, I didn't even notice until someone else pointed it out to me.
Kinetic doe s not realize just what Hourglass is up to. He knows that she is acting strange, but everyone in the superhero business acts strange.
ha ha thats 4 sure.