Open Studio 6/27/2012 Sidekick's Mohawk

With 14 new pages of art posted, that earlier post was getting hard to follow. So, here are the issues carrying over from that page: Sidekick's hair, and the reaction to Maxwell Murder's violent attack. First up, the hair... mohawk 1 mohawk 2 -Josh

ha ha his shirt says sidekick!  man i am (side)kicking myself for not using real mohawks when drawing sk  that was stupid of me.  very stupid. -Kav

And here is a bit of mohawk in motion. (Also, I believe his shirt says "Dropkick" as in "Dropkick Murphys".)

Now the reaction to the dis-arming in the street. I think that the kid who is injured being stunned and non-responsive is good, but the others need to look horrified so that the reader knows this is something serious. -Josh

I'll find something or pose it out myself dude. ps the running mohawk pic isnt showing up-wanna email it?


It's not a running pic, it is a video of an interview with Lars Fredricksen. In it he walks around and talks and you can see his mohawk in many different positions. Try it here -Josh

where??  ps go with the kinetic inset panel for p 4?


Well, it is either a shot of Hourglass impressive enough to carry that surprise, OR a shot of Kinetic having that surprised reaction. I think the more powerful one is going to be a shocking shot of Hourglass... readers have already seen plenty of Kinetic. Maybe THIS link will finally work. -Josh

wait josh I've done one of each now-hourglass and kinetic-pick one.