Open Studio 6/28/2012 RC 5 Splash Page

Ok, the pages for issue #5 are coming together quite nicely. We are still hammering out the reaction of the kid son the street, and the dramatic reveal of Hourglass on the rooftop. This is the original page. It is a very nice looking page, but it lacks the dramatic punch of launching a new adventure. It just looks too casual. So, we are talking about puncking it up with an inset panel. Original

First is this one showing Hourglass from kinetic's POV. Showing mostly her face, it doesn't really add much to the impact of the moment. Hourglass face Now Kinetic's face. Showing his surprise is just a little flat. It's there, it just doesn't mean much. And if we exaggerate it, it starts to become comical. Kinetic face

So where do we go with this? I think the flaw might be in the original image. It looks like two people having a conversation. What it needs to look like is the start of Kinetic's first actual team-up and Hourglass's final adventure. This is a big moment. Plus we really want to show off Hourglass. Let's get a good look at her and see why she is called Hourglass! Maybe something looking up at her... low angle band

prime I actually think this last one is the best. Picture this POV of the figure, but placed into the first pic with the feet in the foreground. It still clearly establishes the location, while at the same time putting the focus firmly on this new, sexy, arrival.

What do you think?


So just a huge shot of hourglass standing there no kinetic am I reading this right?


If you can fit some of him in there, like looking past his ankles or something, that is fine. But we have just spent a page with Kinetic, I don't think we really NEED to see him here.

ok i'm gonna do a pose something like this maybe

A for the dis-armed thug, I think this is good for the reactions from the other guys.

I worry that it is edging slightly into comical... but that is fine. It still works well. As for the injured kid, I think we are going to feel it more of we see his face. If you turn him around, so that we can see his reaction, I think it will be gold. I think you will agree with me on this, but I just gotta say... i LOVE putting this much energy into getting every little piece right. In truth, this kid who loses a hand is completely inconsequential... but if this scene works better, then the whole issue works better. -Josh