Open Studio 6/28/2012 RC 5 Splash page 2

how's this for the Hourglass roof scene: -Kav

I think that is a lot more like it! Those turned-in feet look weak, though. Remember, she thinks she might be confronting a killer (spoilers: Her OWN killer). But she is also still a bit 'off' and confused and inexperienced... so she need not look like the SWAT time or something. Just a bit more determined.

Not exactly like this... but closer to: pointing. I just hate that her arm is completely lost in the foreshortening.

In general, though, I feel a lot better about this staging for the splash page.

How do you like it?


I dont like that pose it looks too X-men like-what if I changed her stance but kept upper body the same?

I 100% agree about it being "too x-men", but it is stronger, which is what I want. So, yeah, I bet if you strengthen her feet... and her head position... it will work. Her head cocked the way it is looks flirty. If, however, she is leaning it slightly forward I think she will look properly accusatory


OK I am on it.  But think about it-she wouldnt be afraid of confronting anyone with her time powers-she's only vulnerable to a sneak attack....


ok how's this:

ps here's a prevu of p 17-the epic battle between SK and MM:

PS here's a panel I did where I realized I did not follow the script so I fixed before you had to tell me:

script said back of knee and graceful, so:

They both look pretty darn good, but I think that the kick from behind makes Max look more like a skilled attacker. So, let's go with that one. Man, I am loving how this issue is turning out! -Josh

ha ha I agree max is an elegant killer and thats what I was determined to depict.  I hope its turning out good like I said I'm going through one of those seems like I'm not putting enough effort into the panels-but I can't think of what else to just seems like it shouldn't be so easy to bang out panels or at some point dude when we get to #11 I want to redraw it free of charge-I now don't feel you got your money's worth....


Those panels look really good. I am very happy about them. About this phase, where you think you are not putting enough in... To put that energy in, try new stuff. Check out some artists who are outside of what you normally do and try some things that they are doing. Alternately, figure out what I am trying to show with a panel (ie: that Max is a skilled and graceful combatant compared to Sidekick) and see if you can invent a new way to show it.

About issue 11... I knew you would feel that way since about the time I started seeing pages for issue 2. I just thought it would be rude to ask! -Josh

ha ha you know me well dude....and thanks for the spot on advice-I'm gonna do some studying.