Open Studio 6/30/2012 #3 Cover 3.0 pencils

What is the Open Studio?

hows this dudes:


Like it, don't love it. The Hourglass in this sketch is too far away from the other two.  Her pose might be the cause of that. I just now saw that new image you posted in the other thread.

crossed arms

I actually like that one quite a bit for Hourglass.

The raised arms seemed protective, guarded. That is good for her. This Flamethrower looks pretty good. I think she works.

AnneMarie is a bit wonky looking. Her shoulders are pointing left and her hips are pointing right. She is looking down and away when should could be either looking at the viewer, or slightly above the viewer. Also, he shoulder is too high and makes it look like she is emphatically shrugging.

Also, if you want to use dramatic shadow effects, they should be focused on Hourglass. She is, after all, the Femme Fatale.


I'm starting to hate this cover.  more poses:



Ok, I took my own advice, stepped away, and thought about it for a while... which is what we should all do when we are banging our heads against walls. I came up with a pretty cool sketch that shows what we need it to show and looks a lot more like a cover. I will start a new post for it, as this one is getting a bit long. -Josh