Open Studio 6/30/2012 more cover sketches

What is the Open Studio?

First off, Kav, the most recent sketch you did in the previous post really shows these women coming alive. That is the one where they look most like THEM.

So, I got thinking about what we want from this... to show off the women of Rapid City and I started thinking of other ways to do that. I thought of some of those noir posters that Micah posted, specifically the red and green one from France. Then I thought, why does it have to be one image? Why not a montage showing off each individual woman. So then I sketched this

On the far left, and going from the top of the page to the bottom is a full body shot of Hourglass. She is just looking mysterious and lurking there, but also getting a chance to show off her figure. Her left arm is spreading out her cape toward the far side of the page. The inside of her cape is maroon, which creates a perfect back-drop for an action shot of Flamethrower looking all action-y and dramatic. The blue flames can also cast a glow on Hourglass if that looks good.

The other side of Hourglass's cape is sweeping in front. Here we see the black outside of her cape. This forms a dark backdrop for the figure of AnneMarie. She is not as powerful or as exciting as the other girls, but she vigilantly holds her ground at the center of the piece. She stands out against the black and the blue flames behind her.

How's that look?


It's too disjointed as is...maybe something like:

ps did you see that last one I posted?  it disappeared-this is the one i really like:

LOVE this image. I like that the characters are interacting Anne Marie is enjoyably confident, but not part of the hero-game. Josh is right, though: the ledge is lame. On top of a bar-top, maybe? With dudes down below wanting them to dance? Something. Looks great, though! I also like the amount of white I see!












Kav, you posted over me again! I was typing this and you came in and posted in the same post! That is ok, though. If that is the price of fast paced collaboration, so be it! Anyway, here is what I was typing....

I lost some stuff as well, Kav. To avoid that, we have to be careful to not edit when others are editing. I also think that it helps to switch away from the VISUAL editing window and into the HTML window when you are actually making comments. The reason for this is that in visual, you can delete a whole picture with a single key-stroke. In HTML, you just have to not mess with the lines of code. It seems clunky at first, but I got used to it. Anyway...

I see this one you just posted. It is nice. I especially like Hourglass in that one.

But I like the montage looking ones better!  Your montage sketch is really good, I like the HUGE Hourglass. I would like her better, though is she were not looming over the others like Magneto, but rather simply apart from the action. She is not threatening the other two, but simply a mysterious presence.  I also would rather AnneMarie and Flamethrower be doing different things on the cover, as they play different roles in the series.



maybe something like this?: