Open Studio 6/30/2012 Redo Of Issue 3 Cover poses

some poses: -kav

Baroness, great costume. This pose doesn't quite work for our characters. Too confrontational.


hey she wont be holding a gun dude-I'll place both arms on hips.


These two are much more casual. These kinds of poses could easily work for AnneMarie or Flamethrower.

Too overtly "check me out!"

Closer to the right attitude for Hourglass.

This is the best one for Flamethrower. The low angle makes her look powerful. She is not simply posing to show off her looks. She seems as though she doesn't really care if you are looking or not.


I agree. and are we on the same page with them on a ledge?


Oh yeah, without the gun, The Baroness one work for Hourglass. Up on a ledge? I really don't like that idea. Let me see if I can pose something from a low angle without it suffering too badly from distortion. -Josh

I am not particularly attached to a ledge. They can be anywhere, really. I feel like even the last pose (though good) is still a little cheesecake. Maybe something like this for attitude: