Open Studio 6/4/2012

cover ideas for#1

I like the low angle, but all of these are too confident. Kinetic does not have that kind of poise yet. He is still uncertain about how he is going to land, and what will happen when he does.

I like that picture of Kinetic... but he looks too much like he has his $#!% together.

Our Kinetic is leaping into the dangerous unknown with every single leap. He is brave enough to take the leap, but not confident at all about how it will turn out.


ok i just emailed you some more poses- also revised p 9 p 1 never liked that flamethrower pose, this is much better. i kinda like the silhouette pose above for the cover man.


The silhouette guy above looks too much like running.  This cover is not just showing Kinetic bouncing around the city, this is showing a man boldly leaping into an uncertain future... a man struggling to seize his own destiny. The other guy has more of the pose I am thinking of.  To work best it should be turned so that he is coming straight at us.

We are certainly moving in the right direction here.