Open Studio 6/5/12

rc  1 cover-i think i fulfilled your requirements-he's BUSTING OUT-i tried to give him a 'biting his lip' expression as opposed to the overused comic book those moons are history -Kav

Not bad. But not good enough. The buildings look great, and so does his place among them. Though, the fact there is still room for two moons should tell us that he is not big enough in the image. There shouldn't be that negative space around him.

Also, his position looks too much like running. Combine that with the fact that his feet seem to be glowing way more than his gauntlets and people will be expecting a speedster comic. Also, all of that uninterrupted torso in the rectangle between his shoulders and his hips looks like a big slab of meat. You could address that and the running thing if his left leg were coming up in front of him and his right foot was pointing down.

Don't be timid about having Kinetic's body and power effect crowd out the buildings. It will make him seem more dynamic and more like he is part of the city.

To save us from another 25 versions, do you mind doing just pose sketches until we hit on the perfect one?

Here are some ideas...

Well, that's all I could find before leaving for work. Not exactly THAT, but it might give you some ideas. Play around and see what you come up with.


roger-I can insert new poses over the current background.  PS I can remove glow around feet to eliminate speedster look. I dont like that one it looks too much like he's falling. dont george lucas this thing though or we'll never get #1 out.  I'm getting that sick feeling where i draw what you ask for then you change your mind....I'm giving you THREE chances on this one then you have to get someone else to draw the cover dude...I will admit that I'm just not able to do it....after 28 tries I think that's all any man can do....


OK, 3 chances is fine, but if that is the case then I will need to sign off on the pose before you go ahead with the actual illustration.

I like the pose with the guy in the shorts with one hand up over his head. I will see if I can throw together a little mock-up of how I picture it as a cover.


ok dude i'll draw the pose for ya see if ya like for cover-man I really want this to work dude should have something shortly.

ok I'm back: