Open Studio 6/5/2012

I'm penciling #1 COVER HERE ARE SOME ROOFTOPS i'm going with the pose of the guy with the shoe thingies-its very similar to your action figure pose but more fluid obviously.-Kav


Alright. Go big. Make Kinetic fill as much space on the page as is reasonably possible. Those rooftops look good. Stagger them and make them uneven. The sky cutting through behind them will be dramatic. Also, that will leave room for the logo. -Josh

i want a full moon overhead but i know you're anti lunar -Kav

If I see a single full moon on this cover I'll... we, I'll react very strongly. No moons!

These sketches are a little hard to see, but they are looking pretty good.  I would like to see this a bit darker so that I can be sure what I am looking at.  Also, I am worried about all that space I can see below Kinetic's feet. If there is that much room below him, crop it closer. I don't want him politely nestled in the frame, I want him about to bust out of it. Or, at least, seriously thinking about busting out.